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Mission Statement

The Principle of The Professional Cleaning Company is based on the ethic of providing a high quality service, while ensuring we provide a high level of customer care. In consultation with the customer, we will determine the cleaning needs of the business and tailor this to meet the demands of the customer and the business working arrangement.

Customer Care

Once our work has been completed, we provide our clients with a written checklist of all the completed work. This transparency has led to our reputation for being professional, trustworthy and reliable. We have achieved this reputation because our belief is that, when a customer appoints us to fulfil a service, they do so in trust. As a company, we value that trust and ensure through regular customer consultation, careful planning and hard work we repay that faith.

As a business, we are fully compliant with Health and Safety (HSE) legislation and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Act (COSHH). This ensures safety for our staff, our customers, their employees and their customers. Also, prior to any cleaning being undertaken, we work with you to provide full risk assessments, producing a detailed list of the precautions and actions to be taken by our employees, your employees and your customers to protect themselves from hazards in the workplace. We also provide safety data sheets for all the cleaning products we use.

T 07824 805108